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Association of Expatriates

Dear friends,

In response to the technological challenges of our time, the Board of Directors of the Association of Expatriates of Vouni sends you its regards through the internet. We look forward to a productive communication through our village’s webpage, which will benefit the effort we all make, along with the Community Council, for development. 

Through our webpage, we intend to keep you informed about all our events, which aim to strengthen the relationships among the expatriates of Vouni, and also, to attract more friends, who adore the countryside and tradition, to visit the beautiful Vouni and have an unforgettable experience.      

The visitors of the village have a lot to gain from a tour in Vouni. They will enjoy a wonderful route, the unparalleled clear and dry climate, a tour at the paved alleys and they will admire the intact and rich traditional architectural heritage. They will also have the opportunity to taste at the local taverns the traditional dishes called ‘mezedes’ and visit our sights such as the Church of Timiou Prodromou, the school, the traditional underground water tanks called ‘havouzes’, the popular heritage museum, the wine clarifying tree, the traditional old olive mill, the park and the shelter of the Cypriot donkey.

We thank you for visiting our village’s webpage and we will be glad to see you in one of our several events.

Best regards,

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Association of Expatriates

The President Evangelos Anthimou Patsalides 

The Association of Expatriates of Vouni of Lemesos was established in 1980 by a group of progressive residents of Vouni and its main objectives are:

a) To tighten the bonds of the Expatriate people of Vouni with their birthplace.

b) To achieve closer cooperation among the people of Vouni worldwide, to keep them informed about the present status of our village, its needs and ways to solve problems with a wider movement and coordination of their activities.

c) To develop initiative and cooperation among the competent community authorities or other local authorities in order to resolve problems and to compile plans for the growth of the village. Moreover, it aims to cooperate with other kindred communities such as Souni-Zanatzia, Latsi, Ktiri, Sterakovounos. 

d) To systematize the efforts for the growth and progress of the village by implementing the necessary infrastructure projects for the exploitation of our village as a tourist resort or as a permanent place to live, this way aiming to the economic development and progress of the village.

e) To reinforce every educational, spiritual and cultural movement in the village.

f) To preserve the architectural heritage, to maintain the monuments and to restore the houses in a way which preserves their traditional form.

g) To make an effort to preserve the old folkways of the village.

h) To develop cooperation with other Associations of Expatriates in Cyprus and abroad, as well as with other competent bodies and services of The Republic of Cyprus.

All Boards of Directors of the Association have worked with great success up until today, in order to accomplish all the above objectives.

The present members of the Board of Directors of the Association of Expatriates of Vouni are:

Evangelos Anthimou Patsalides President 99497078
Christodoulos Andrea Demetriou Secretary General  99479234
Niovi Michael Diomidous Cashier 99810948
Kyriacos Apostolou Organizational Secretary 99464880
Ioulia Hadjigeorgiou Protopapa Member 99608070
Stavros Georgiou Diomidous Member 99331437
Christoforos Georgiou Christoforou Member 99331437
Antonis Ioannou Protopapas Member 99416535
Polyvios Stylianou Polyviou  Member 99656006
Doxoula Paraskeva Zographou   Member 99490917
Kalia Georgiou Constandinou Member 99579130
Stavros Theodorou Alkiviadous  Member 99652912
Michalis Kasparis Member 99666558
Giannoula Anthimou Patsalidou  Auditor  
Athena Georgiou Christoforou Auditor  


Association of Expatriates of Vouni

 August 2018 
Plateia Agnooumenon 1
4272 Vouni, Limassol
Tel: 25942335, Fax: 25943343
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